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This Workforce Agreement is between CK2J Recruitment Ltd and workers as specified below “The Employees” in accordance with the provisions of the Road Transport Working Time Regulations 2005(SI2005/639 –the Regulations) which came into force on 4 April 2005 and will apply to those mobile workers subject to the provisions of the regulations.

The Agreement will apply to all employees of the Company.

It is agreed that the Company and the Employees will adopt the flexibility permitted by the Regulations as set out below. This Agreement will remain in force for a period of 5 years after the commencement date when it will cease to have effect.

Reference Period: the reference period for the calculation of weekly hours shall be as follows:
-- extended to 26 weeks

Night Work: a night worker’s normal hours of work may exceed the limit of 10 hours in each 24 hour period.

Signed by Company: Date:
Signed by elected Representatives of the Employees Date: